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Butler County

Crisis Intervention Hotline

Butler County 24 hr crisis line: 1-800-292-3866

Contact Information

Leslie Johnson
CASSP Coordinator

Tara Hamilton

Mental Health Specialist

P. O. Box 1208

Butler County Human Services

Butler, PA 16001
Phone: 724-284-5114

County Suicide Prevention Task Force

The mission of the Butler County Suicide Coalition is to reduce suicides through education, resources, and support. We meet on the first Wednesday of Each month at 1:00 pm at the Butler County Human Services Building 124 W Diamond St Butler PA 16001

email: for more information

Butler County Suicide Coalition Contact Information:

Contact Person: Tara Hamilton

MH Specialist, Butler County Human Services

PO Box 1208, Butler, PA 16001


Task Force Website

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County Suicide Prevention Resources

Training for school personnel
Parent education
Student education
Yellow Ribbon Campaign

Signs of Suicide (SOS) Program
Substance abuse prevention

County Screening For Suicide Prevention

Signs of Suicide (SOS) Program
Student Assistance Program (screening by mental health liaisons)

Base service unit does suicide prevention through SAP teams

County Mental Health Resources

Inpatient psychiatric unit: Butler Hospital (unit for adults only)
School-based mental health services: Irene Stacy Community Mental Health Center, Family Psychological Consultants

Support groups: Family Services through Butler Hospital

American Foundation For Suicide Prevention

Name of Chapter: Western PA

Contact Name: Jesse Putkoski

Contact Number: 412.510.9514

Contact Email:

Support Group Information

Survivor of Suicide Support Group

4150 Highland Avenue

Meridian, PA 16001


Contact Person : Cindy Byers

Leader Type : PEER

Meetings/Month : 1 – 1st Thursday at 7pm

Charge : NO

Newsletter : NO

Support Group Information

Someone’s Caring Survivors of Suicide Grief Support Group

Thompson-Miller Funeral Home, Inc.
124 East North Street
Butler, Pennsylvania 16001

Contact Person: Robin S. Miller

Meeting/Month: Held monthly on the second Thursday of the month from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

Charge: NO

Support Group Information

Suicide Loss Support Group, Pittsburgh North

St. Peter’s Reformed Church (use rear entrance)

314-320 E. Grandview Ave.

Zelienople, PA 16063

3rd Wednesday of every month, 7 – 8 PM

Open, drop-in meeting. FREE

Contact info: