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Robin Williams Death by Suicide

Category: Published on 2014 Aug, 15

With the tragic death of the beloved funny man, Robin Williams, board members of AOASPC took to the media on radio and news stations discussing suicide awareness and prevention.

Please click below headers to read and/or watch and learn how you can learn the signs and help reduce the stigma associated with suicide and depression:

rebecca fox 43.JPGDepression and Warning Signs: Fox 43

Depression can be a crippling illness and many people do not know how to identify it in themselves or their loved ones. Rebecca May-Cole from PA Adult, Older Adult suicide prevention coalition joins FOX43’s Amy Lutz on warning signs (WATCH NOW)

warning signs.JPG

WITF Smart Talk: Suicide and Mental Illness

Dr. Dale Adair, a psychiatrist, who serves as the Chief Medical Officer for the state mental hospital system and the Co-Chairs of the PA Adult/Older Adult Suicide Prevention Coalition, Govan Martin and Rebecca May-Cole, who will provide insight about this public health problem and the resources available on the WITF interview! (LISTEN NOW)

witf interview.png

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