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Preventing suicide

Perhaps in a perfect world, all suicides can be prevented...

...but fortunately or unfortunately, we don't live in a perfect world. Just as all heart attacks can't be prevented, neither can all suicides, but like heart attacks, there are steps we can take to prevent more of them from occuring.


Simply by learning the risk factors and warning signs associated with depression and suicide, one can  identify a person who is either depressed or suicidal. By taking the time to be with your friend, coworker or relative in a private setting, talking to them and showing you care about them, you just might save their life.


We recognize that asking "the S question," can be difficult and hard to do. Therefore, we offer trainings that teach the risk factors and warning signs of suicide, how to ask the person if he or she is suicidal, and how to get help. We also offer seminars and presentations on topics such as self-harm, depression, and suicide.


Read about the suicide prevention training and services we offer specific to your organization:

Help for individuals who are attempters of suicide, people with suicidal ideation, or chronic thoughts of death and dying is available through a variety of Suicide Anonymous Programs.


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