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Meet the Round 13 Drivers!

Category: UncategorizedPublished on 2015 May, 06

Meet the Round 13 Drivers!

These wonderful volunteers drove with window clings from April 5th, 2015 through April 18th , 2015!

Mary Figlar_Round 13.JPG

Name: Mary-SW Region

Car: Hyundai Accent

Fun Fact: I am a firm believer in breaking down the stigma of mental illness and educating the public about suicide, the warning signs, where to go for help and encourage those suffering to not lose hope!


Mariah Yancey_Round 13.jpg

Name: Mariah- Central Region

Car: Honda Civic 

Fun Fact: I studied abroad for a whole semester as a college student. I lived in Spain for five and a half months and traveled to eight other European countries!



Kathy Woodring_Round 13.jpg

Name: Kathy- NE Region

Car: Toyota RAV 4

Fun Fact: I've recently fallen in love at age 55! I am known as "Gamma" to 4 wonderful grandchildren!



Name: Bonnie- Central Region

Car: Honda Fit

Fun Fact: I love to Ziplne!



Name: Bonnie- SW Region

Car: Ford Escape

Fun Fact: I love winter and hot chocolate!



Name: Lauren- Central Region

Car: VW jetta

Fun Fact: I am a homeschooling mom who blogs about her life as a black unschooling mom of 6!



Thank you so much to our volunteers!

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