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Meet the Round 12 Drivers!

Category: UncategorizedPublished on 2015 May, 06

Meet the Round 12 Drivers!

These wonderful volunteers drove with window clings from March 22nd, 2015 through April 4th, 2015!

Byron and Donna Smith_Round 12.jpg

Name: Byron and Donna-Central Region

Car: Nissan Rogue

Fun Fact: They like to tell stories!

*Bryon and Donna drove in honor of their son Devin*




Sabrina Stoeckel_Round 12.JPG

Name: Sabrina-NE Region

Car: Nissan Pathfinder

Fun Fact: I'm an active supporter to Breast Cancer Awareness. I love landscaping, cycling and classic movies!



Melissa Manning_Round 12.jpg

Name: Melissa-NE Region

Car: Ford Fiesta

Fun Fact: I know how to tap maple trees and make maple syrup!



Name: Deborah-SW Region

Car: Chevy Aveo

Fun Fact: I speak French!



Name: Kathleen-SW Region

Car: Hyundai Elentra

Fun Fact: I love to garden!



Name: Kim-Central Region

Car: Kia Optima

*Kim drove in memory of loved ones and friends who died by suicide. To honor their life and not just remember their death. To spread awareness and take away the shame of talking about suicide*


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