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Meet the Round 11 Drivers!

Category: UncategorizedPublished on 2015 Apr, 09

Meet the Round 11 Drivers!

These wonderful volunteers drove with window clings from March 8th, 2015 through March 21st, 2015!

Jacquie Cole_Round 11.jpg

Name: Jacqueline-NE Region

Car: Audi A4

Fun Fact: I enjoy painting and playing guitar!



Name:Pam-NE Region

Car: Ford Dually 

Fun Fact: I have a gentleman fam

Pam is driving for awareness!



Name: Kim-SE Region

Car: Ford Crown Victoria

Fun Fact: I sew nerdy baby gear!

Kim is a social worker and has seen how suicide damages lives; both personally and professionally and wanted to get invovled!


Cristina Norland_Round 11.jpg

Name: Cristina-SW Region

Car: Honda CR-V

Fun Fact: I have recently discovered a passion for painting with watercolors!


Michelle Phillips_Round 11.jpg

Name: Michelle-Central Region

Car: Lexus ES300

Fun Fact: I used to play the cymbals!

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