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After a Loss

A death from suicide is very different than any other kind of death for many reasons. For one, grief after a suicide is a more complex kind of grief. On top of feelings of loss, guilt, anger, and confusion can plague the survivor. Secondly, school and community leaders must follow special guidelines following a suicide. Police and other emergency workers also need to take special precautions when responding to the scene of a suicide. And lastly, the media are asked to cover suicidal deaths with certain guidelines in mind.


Community Response

In this section of our website, you will find important information for how to respond to a suicide, including guidelines for:

Personal Loss

If you or someone you care about has experienced the loss of a loved one by suicide, support and counseling services are available:

Contact one of the various organizations listed on our Support for Survivors page.


Suicide Aftercare Association is a  Philadelphia based nonprofit organization that performs suicide scene cleaning services free of charge to families in the Delaware Valley area. To learn more go to www.suicideaftercare.org. Call 267-687-3928 for help.

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